• Gavin M. Wright

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  • Bernard Park

  • Eric Roselli

Expert introduction

The 12th Shanghai International Breast Cancer Symposium (SIBCS) was successfully held with wide-range scientific content and different categories during October 19–21, 2017. Organized by Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Committee of Breast Cancer Society (CACA-CBCS), Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center and Shanghai Anticancer Association, the meeting featured with diversified categories and wide range of topics. Meanwhile, the emerging journal Annals of Breast Surgery was formally presented during the meeting and with great honor, the editorial office took the chance to interview some key-note speakers.

Expert introduction

Frank Detterbeck, MD, FACS, FCCP is a Professor of Surgery and Chief of Thoracic Surgery at Yale University and Associate Director of the Yale Cancer Center. He rose to the rank of professor of surgery at the University of North Carolina during a long tenure there ...